Panthenol - A highly moisturizing mask sheet that provides healthy skin by resolving dry skin and strengthening the skin barrier with close moisturizing of essence containing panthenol.

    Collagen - An elastic mask sheet that supplies energy to the skin with the intensive elasticity management of the essence containing collagen to make the skin supple and full of vitality.

    Peptide - A nourishing mask sheet that supplies energy to the skin with intensive nourishing care of the essence containing peptides and completes smooth and vital skin.

    Multi-Vitamin - A luminous mask sheet that gives the skin a radiance with the transparent vitality care of the essence containing multi-vitamins to make it clear and bright.

    This mask helps dehydrated and tired skin to stay firmer and smoother. It is rich in Vitamin A to boost cell turnover & brightening Vitamin C for collagen production
  • PERFECT FOR: all skin types
  • HOW TO USE: Fit the mask onto your facial contours and smoothen out any wrinkles with your fingers. Make sure to carefully place your eyes, nose, and mouth at their designated cut-outs. Leave the mask on for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove the mask and gently pat your skin until the remaining essence is fully absorbed


Qty available:5
Bio Solution Mask Sheet

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